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Bring your book to life!
Create & distribute audiobooks the easy way.

Let Author's Republic, the world's widest audiobook distribution network, and Book Buddy Media, a leading audio production company, handle end-to-end production and distribution of your audiobooks, so you can reach more listeners and increase your sales!

Plus, as a PCPA member you get an exclusive royalty rate when you sell your audiobook through this partnership.


Exclusive Royalty Rate

As a PCPA Member, you have immediate access to a preferred royalty rate when you distribute your audio titles with Author's Republic. Simply use the link found on this page to sign up!

Widest Distribution

We’ll deliver your audiobooks to 50+ retail and library platforms, including Audible, Apple, Spotify, and Google. We also work with specialty platforms like Calm Christian Radio.

Independent Platform

We work with everyone, which means you can too! This independence—plus our established global sales network—can earn you up to 25% more than under an exclusive agreement.

"The global audio market is once again the fastest growing segment of publishing and will top out at close to $6 billion in revenue in 2023. Demand has never been higher for audiobooks.

There has also never been an easier or more affordable time to get your content produced and distributed. Owning audio content is both a powerful brand builder that helps sell print books and eBooks, while also creating a new revenue stream."

Brett Hodus, Book Buddy Media
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